Most construction processes would probably start with a walk thru and a list of items that need to be repaired, modified or built. A base cost would be determined and once decisions are made, information will need to be shared with construction specialists and suppliers.

The first set of drawings you might need would probably be regarding existing conditions:

  1. Property location, access and landscape
  2. Layout and field dimensions

The first set of drawings could be used to discuss the potential modifications, get the initial measurements to determine design feasibility, requirements, material cost, etc.

Once decisions are made, the remaining set of plans to complete the construction set of drawings could be developed and may include:

  1. Title sheet w/specs
  2. Demolition plans
  3. Schedules
  4. Foundation, floor plans, roof plans and reflecting ceiling plans
  5. Sections and elevations
  6. Wall sections and details
  7. Cabinetry details
  8. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Details
  9. Structural details
  10. Ceiling plans

*Some drawings might need to be developed by/or consulted with certified specialists/engineers/architect.

For more specific fabrication/install details, shop drawings would be developed and may include:

  1. Wood work/architectural millwork (trims, moldings, casework, entertainment stations, feature walls, cutouts and other custom design drawings)
  2. Wall, ceiling and/or floor treatment, finish and paneling (tiles layout, panels, material, transition details, etc.)
  3. Appliances and Special Equipment layout and requirements
  4. Light fixtures layout and requirements

For intricate designs, 3D drawings might be beneficial to communicate with some manufacturers and installers:

  1. Non-photorealistic rendering, used mostly for technical illustrations.
  2. Photorealistic effects, used mostly for marketing purposes.

Finally, once construction is done, As-build drawings might be needed for feature reference and other uses such us maintenance, develop emergency evacuation plans, etc. They could include all the drafting sets listed above, modified or updated per changes during construction.